Bathroom Unit

Bathroom Unit

 Carpenter Dubai: Bathroom Unit 


The bathroom is one of the important and private spaces in a home. When you are burnt or stressed, a hot shower or a warm bath can calm you down and helps you unwind after the day. 

Therefore, it’s important to balance style, storage space, and affordability when adding a bathroom unit. Your bathroom unit must also be long-lasting and robust to withstand spills and moisture.

If you want to install a new bathroom or remodel an old one, our bathroom unit guide at Carpenter Dubai is here to provide you with proper suggestions and guidance. Let’s look at how to choose the ideal bathroom unit for your space without further ado.

Bathroom Unit

What is a Bathroom Unit?

A bathroom unit is an important furniture piece that replaces the traditional basin pedestal with additional storage and comes in various styles and finishes. It is often found in bathroom installations to align perfectly with the client’s requirements.

These units come in both traditional and modern designs. You can combine these units with a basin in various ways, including partially integrating them into the furniture, sitting on top of the countertop, or covering the entire unit. 

The unit can sit as the centre of attention in a large family bathroom suite and neatly fit into a small space. But what is included in bathroom units? Let’s discuss that in detail below.

Bathroom Unit

What Is Included in the Bathroom Unit?

Bathroom units offer a stunning range of designs that incorporate wide storage cabinets and boxes on the front side of each unit. It makes them the perfect choice for a breathtaking centrepiece in a large bathroom space. 

Carpenter Dubai offers a diverse range of bathroom units with curved styles. The unit seamlessly encompasses its glass wash table into the stunning unit that houses two large drawers and two cupboards for maximum storage potential. Additionally, it is perfect for any family suite. 

Let’s learn how to position the bathroom unit for the best possible experience.

How to Position the Bathroom Unit?

Before looking at various bathroom unit types, you must judge the available space. Make a floor plan of your bathroom to see the placement. Be sure to leave space for doors to open without difficulty. 

It is preferable to have precise measurements of your bathroom’s width, height, and location of any utilities like the mains water and power supply. Create your arrangement in your head, or if necessary, with a drawn plan. 

A bathroom unit will be perfect for your bathroom if it has enough space. This basin cabinet’s side bathroom cabinet and base bathroom wall cabinet work beautifully with the available space.

Things to Consider When Setting up a Bathroom Unit

Bathroom units provide the best bathroom storage solution. Many options are available when setting up a bathroom unit. There are many factors you should consider before setting up a bathroom unit. 

  • Check Wall Strength 

Strength is important, especially if you purchase a bathroom accessory like a vanity unit. Wall strength is important because it must support the entire weight of the bathroom unit. You have to carefully consider whether or not you can nail strong wall studs to the wall for safe and secure unit installation.

  • Bathroom Pipework

Unattractive pipework distorts your bathroom’s look and appeal. On the other hand, unsightly pipework can be hidden by a strategically placed wall-hung vanity sink unit. Alternatively, you could paint the pipes the same shade as the walls in the bathroom. 

You might also consider replacing outdated pipes with new ones with a satin, chrome, or copper finish. These pipes are much more appealing. Installing a large bathroom unit has the benefit of allowing quick access to the pipework in the event of a problem.

  • Additional Hardware Utility

You can make your bathroom unit stand out by adding more hardware. For instance, pricey options that add extra style include three-hole basin mixer taps, brushed gold taps, chrome taps, and brass basin taps can make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing. The hardware includes vanity door and drawer handles in brushed gold and chrome.

Why Choose Carpenter Dubai? 

There are countless options for bathroom fixtures. It’s simple to find the best unit that perfectly complements your bathroom, whether traditional or modern, white or grey, a corner unit or a combination unit, or something else entirely. Carpenter Dubai makes it simple to find the ideal fit regardless of your color or storage preference.

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