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Custom-Made Pergola

When we want to throw a lavish house party in our home, the main concern is where to accommodate so many guests. The backyard can be a good idea, but what about the sitting? It will be exhausting for your friends to stand a long while in your backyards. You might be thinking of getting them a chair or bean bag, but that is outdated. Why not get a custom-made pergola to give a luxury touch to your backyards? 

What is a pergola?

A pergola is a shaded open-ended structure with a vertical pillar and sitting area. The pergola is often constructed with woods and gives an aesthetic look to the outer section of your residence. Moreover, you can create a pergola for your outdoors in any material such as vinyl, metal, wood, and brick. Although, wood is considered the most preferable and aesthetic option. Pergolas will also uplift the elegance of your outdoors and give a luxurious and regal touch to your home. 


Why should you own a pergola?

Who doesn’t want an outdoor sitting area at home to enjoy the peaceful sky at night in summers and the warmth of the sun in the winters? Pergola is effective for shade and gathering areas. You can also add some tables and chairs to the pergola and customize it as an outdoor living area.

    • A mini garden inside pergola: A custom-made pergola helps you to upgrade and enhance the view of your back garden. It has a spacious design with open sides that allow air and sunlight to reach the plants inside the pergola. It will also be a shady garden for your leafy plants that couldn’t bear direct sunlight. 
    • Outdoor kitchen: A custom-made pergola can also be used as an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area. You can have a barbecue night with your family or friends, all under the pergola’s roof. 
    • Perfect for the rainy season: You can enjoy the mist of fresh rainwater to touch lush green grass while having a good talk with your partner or sipping coffee alone. 
    • It can be installed easily: People who love DIY projects might like installing a pergola. There are many pergola kits that come with pre-cut woods and are quite easy to install. 
    • You get privacy: Though pergolas are open structures, they are perfect for adding drapes, and screens. By doing so you get the perfect isolation you desire without being on display.


Carpenter Dubai’s custom-made pergola

We are among the top companies in UAE to build a custom-made pergola. Our team at Carpenter Dubai are experienced architects who build your outdoor living space more elegantly. We manage everything from noting your ideas on paper to drafting them and delivering them to the doorstep on time. You are only required to set back and enjoy your custom-made pergola

We are available 24/7. We take your views on customization and deliver the same products as per your requirements. Moreover, we provide products of high quality. Visit us today and get your pergola customized. 

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