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Leather Restoring

The Guide to Leather Restoration Processes


Leather makes for great outer furniture material, such as recliners, sofas, chairs, ottomans, and even bean bags. The leather material provides a premium and luxurious look to the furniture and a comfortable feel to the finished product. 

However, a big downside of leather on furniture is its ability to get dirty quickly and break down into strands. Of course, all the furniture in your living space needs to be presentable and aesthetically pleasing, which is why Carpenter Dubai provides full leather restoration processes at an affordable price.

The leather restoration process incorporates different processes to bring the leather furniture back to good as new and can be quite effective at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole product. Stay tuned and read on to learn more about leather restoring processes, and head to Carpenter Dubai to get great deals on leather restoring services for your furniture!

Leather Restoring

Benefits of Leather Restoring

Leather restoration includes many advantageous processes that help repair leather furniture products to be as good as new. Here are some of the benefits of leather restoration:

  • Good as New Furniture: 

One of the biggest advantages of leather restoration is that it is capable of making the outside look of the furniture good as new. With Carpenter Dubai’s top-of-the-line processes and services, we can repair damages to the leather, such as cracks, rips, stains, and marks, so that all the damages are covered by the replaced and patched leather. 

It will make the furniture look a thousand times better and increase its lifespan. Leather restoration also brings character and colour to the furniture, as leather tends to fade, crack, and get dirty.

  • Low Costs: 

If the leather furniture is damaged, such as by rips or stains, leather restoration can be a much more affordable option, rather than fully replacing the furniture. At Carpenter Dubai, we offer leather restoration services at reasonable prices. The processes are a good investment, as the furniture’s lifespan is extended at a small cost.

  • Enhanced durability: 

When the leather furniture is brought in for restoration, it is often on its last legs and falling apart. At Carpenter Dubai, we use our advanced processes and premium materials to reinforce or replace the furniture’s leather, making it more durable and long-lasting. It makes the furniture more resistant to damage and has a longer lifespan.

Leather Restoring

The Different Leather Restoring Processes

At Carpenter Dubai, we employ various processes and techniques to restore leather furniture to a better version. Here are some of them:

  • Fading in Leather: 

Over time, leather is a material that tends to fade, especially with the level of use it experiences. In the leather restoration process by Carpenter Dubai, we address this issue by applying leather conditioner. It will help hydrate the material again and will make the leather darker and more vibrant. 

  • Scratches in Leather: 

If it is in use, furniture is bound to be damaged if it is in use and experience scratches and tears. If the scratches are minor, a leather conditioner is a great option to fix this, and applying it can help cover the scratches pretty well. 

However, for more major damage, such as rips and tears, often, Carpenter Dubai recommends replacing the outer leather or adding more leather to patch up the holes. Our countless tones of leather ensure that the patches look like part of the original furniture, and our perfected processes will guarantee a good-as-new replacement leather change. 

  • Discoloration in Leather: 

The leather discoloration is another common problem experienced in furniture that has been used for a long time. A very simple solution to this problem is the application of leather dye, which can use to match the original colour tone (or any other colour you want) and reinvigorate the colours of the furniture.

Why choose Dubai Interiors?

At Carpenter Dubai, we aim to help you achieve your furniture needs with the help of our experienced design team. We use state-of-the-art design processes and tools to perfectly craft a premium product for your space with quality processes such as leather restoration.

Our materials are of the highest quality, and we guarantee product satisfaction in all the options available from our wide selection. Our services and products are proudly displayed in top homes, buildings, and offices around the Gulf, a testament to our quality and variety. Head to Carpenter Dubai now and start restoring your leather furniture!

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