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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets


Custom cabinets are specifically made for storing necessary kitchen items. They are created while considering each individual’s preferences, layout, and architecture. Compared to conventional stock cabinets, custom cabinets provide attractive color options, designs, finishes, and dimension possibilities. It also enables efficiency and productivity while handling kitchen chores.

There won’t be any uncomfortable corners or empty spots since the dimensions are created to the precise specifications and size of the walls in your home. Therefore, custom cabinets are needed in homes with a well-furnished kitchen. And that is where Carpenter Dubai has its range of custom kitchen cabinet options to improve your interiors.

Now, let’s discuss why you should buy custom kitchen cabinets and how they are better than generic stock cabinets discussed below.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Benefits of Using Custom Cabinets Instead of Stock Cabinets

  • Choosing a Style and Design

Custom cabinetry is offered in various designs, patterns, and styles to suit your desired shape and kitchen preferences. Besides, you can also make the most of your kitchen space due to increased efficiency. Moreover, you can modify and create the required cabinets with various door kinds. 

The door design can be either traditional or modern with a polishable wood construction that is a good upgrade over the existing one. Unlike semi-custom cabinets, which offer a limited degree of personalization, such as standard sizes, styles, and finishes, bespoke cabinets are built from the ground up to ensure proper cabinet placement and utility.

Additionally, you can select a color that goes well with your kitchen’s interior decor. You may use the best kitchen cabinets available in various colors, including pure white, off-white, greige, blue, and dark grey, to make your kitchen look even better.

  • Expanding the Amount of Kitchen Storage

Custom kitchen cabinets offer more storage possibilities as they are made per the specific measurements of your house. They can hold more cookware and other kitchen items with ease. 

Since custom cabinets offer the most storage capacity and organisation to suit your family’s demands, they aid in remodeling and rearranging your kitchen cabinetry. These storage facilities are created by quickly moving cabinets to the appropriate positions and installing shelves, risers, and pot racks as needed.

  • Durable Build

Custom cabinets are professionally hand-assembled using higher-quality wood and skilled construction. It differs from ordinary cabinetry, which frequently consists of laminate and particle board. Each cabinet component, including the shelves, hinges, slide-out drawers, and drawer tracks, is made of high-quality materials to ensure the long-lasting durability of the cabinets.

  • Desired Proportions and Size

Custom cabinets are more expensive as they aren’t preassembled without defined requirements, unlike stock cabinets or semi-custom cabinets. The stock cabinets have predetermined measurements suitable for most kitchen design standards.

Various sizes are offered for the base, wall, and tall specialty cabinets. The measurement for these cabinets is the distance between the base cabinet boxes and the floor. In contrast, the thickness of countertops placed on top of the base cabinets is not considered in the heights. 

To summarize, custom kitchen cabinets have a defined size and proportions that increases the kitchen aesthetics when installed in the kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Why choose Carpenter Dubai?

Carpenter Dubai is here at your service if you are looking for well-furnished custom kitchen cabinets around you. We aim to surpass every client’s expectations to help your family and business grow. Carpenter Dubai establishes successful business relationships with customers to promote trust and reliability. Below are why you should choose us:

  • A Detailed Guide

We have always been a company with unwavering principles. These ideals differentiate us from the competition by offering each client individualised, superior attention. We also provide a detailed guide to ensure the best possible services.

  • High Calibre

We offer in-depth knowledge and practical abilities in fine woodwork, professional finishes, and the beauty of your house, business, recreational area, and other places.

  • Affordable Prices

We guarantee that any building or remodelling project is finished per your ideal standards for neatness and attractiveness at affordable prices. We also place greater emphasis on improving your home or workplace atmosphere.

If you are also planning to buy custom kitchen cabinets for your home In Dubai, visit our website or contact Carpenter Dubai and get the best deals on custom kitchen cabinets for your home.

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