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Custom Made to Measure Sofa and Couch

Are you looking to have a new style of couch designed? Or perhaps thinking about getting one of our existing sofas altered? With over decades of designing and manufacturing sofas, we have the experience and expertise it takes to develop and produce Custom Made To Measure sofas from the ground up. Our brand is renowned for designing and developing a range of premium and customized leather and fabric sofas and couch. Working in Dubai we have a large team of professional craftsmen that go out of their way to your Custom Made To Measure Couch.

Why Buy Our Custom Made to Measure Sofa and Couch?

Each of our Custom Made To Measure Couch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the high standards that our customers expect from us. Each new piece of custom-made to-measure sofa is made from premium leather hides or one of our quality fabric ranges.

Our Custom Made To Measure Sofas has no match when it comes to comfort. The coziness of your own designed custom-made to-measure couch is incomparable to standard sofas or couches. However, if you are having trouble in deciding different aspects of your custom-made to-measure sofa then we’ve got stacks of sofas styles to help you choose from including traditional and retro as well as some contemporary designs.

We stock bundles of gorgeous fabrics ranging from brushed cotton and wool to plush velvets so you can have a custom-made to-measure couch that is total as per your preferences. And we have oodles of different colors too, so you can mix and match your customized sofa or couch with the rest of your home décor!

Step by Step Procedure of Designing Custom Made to Sofa

We have a special design team that works with you from beginning to end to make sure that your Custom Made To Measure Couch is as per your desired requirements. The designing and manufacturing process of our bespoke services have several steps that are as follows;

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