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Custom-Made Headboards To Support Your Room and Back

Custom-made headboards are the traditional method of elevating a room’s design and comfort. These are the luxurious elements that upgrade the ambiance of a room. We, Carpenter Dubai, deliver fashionable yet affordable headboards to your doorstep.

Headboards are a barrier between the edge of one bed and the wall to spice your room with luxury and comfort. It is traditional yet fashionable equipment for rooms, cafes, and offices to embrace elegance. Headboards are not solely used to support the bed. However, it can be used as floaters in cafes and offices. However, custom-made headboards are also used on walls to enhance the grace of your aura. 

At Carpenter Dubai, you receive remarkable custom-made headboards. These headboards assist you with enormous benefits. 

Benefits Of Having Custom-Made Headboards

Headboards can never be out of trend. It always comes back improved with better details. The ascendancy of custom-made headboards is that they always match your requirements. 


  • Decorative Purpose: headboards help to improve the overall perspective of the room. Wooden or leather materials are common materials for the customization of headboards. The finishing of a custom-made headboard depends upon your choice and requirements for the room. Glossy or matte finish are preferable choice for your surroundings.
  • Supports your back and neck: headboards attached to the one edge of your bed provide extra support to your back and neck. Instead of sitting up against the wall, you can use headboards with cushions to prevent back and neck aches. 
  • Prevent chills: walls usually turn cooler at night, and directly touching them with your back can make you feel chills. However, sometimes you may catch a cold or fever. Constant exposure of back to cold walls leads to chronic backaches. 
  • Prevent wall damage: repairing rooms sometimes cost more than building the entire structure of a room. Sometimes, constant exposure to sharp edges of the bed against the wall ruptures the walls. Furthermore, it leads to unpleasant harsh lines on the walls. Custom-made headboards also cover the extra space between the bed and the wall. 
  • Cover marks: if you have stains or marks on the wall, a custom-made headboard covers it. A bed frame is preferable if you are in a rental apartment where you can’t do wall paint but want to get rid of unpleasant wall marks.

Why Choose Us For Your Custom Made Headboards

  • We are always there for you. We provide customer service at your doorstep in an hour.
  • We want you to be the interior designer of your house. We provide you with a product similar to the given reference. 
  • We use premium quality products for the construction of your required headboards.
  • We assist you with a variety of designs and materials for custom-made headboards. However, you choose the best for you, and we make a headboard accordingly.
  • We provide doorstep delivery and free installation.
  • We are among the top-notch headboard-making companies in the UAE.
  • Our products have durability, uniqueness, and charm.


Leaving No Doubts Behind

We understand that it is your residence, and everything there should be as per your requirements and concerns. We have a series of designs, fabrics, and shades. You can select any of them and customize the most appropriate headboards for your home. If you want to give a touch of regality to your residence, then do consult us. Visit our site to know more!

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