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Custom Made Dressing Room

Custom Made Dressing Room: Why Should You Have It?

What’s better than a separate room designed for all your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories? Nothing can beat the feeling of walking into a room where each item of your wardrobe has a designated space. It isn’t only aesthetically appealing but is also a practical and organized manner of storage. 

What makes it different from walk-in wardrobes?

Generally, walk-in-wardrobes are attached to an en suite bathroom. On the other hand, dressing rooms are dedicated rooms that are vast in area compared to their counterpart. 

Walk-in-wardrobes have compartments that start from the floor and meet the ceiling so that you can reach the room’s capacity. These are customizable spaces that can be small or big. The potential is limitless. You can get as creative as you can. 

However, nowadays, homeowners make a separate dressing room. We have seen several Hollywood celebrities adding their custom-made dressing room to their house. It’s luxurious, stylish, and offers an abundance of storage areas. 

Style your custom-made dressing room with elegant pieces of furniture, a vanity van where you can dress up, and storage islands for that chic modern look. If you are a couple, you can even create a unique space for both of you in the dressing room. 

Why should you have a custom-made dressing room?

Having tons of clothes lying around the house and not having enough space to store them is a big problem. Well, it’s not anymore. We are here to help you create the custom-made dressing room of your dreams. There are several reasons why a custom-made dressing room would fit perfectly in your life.

  • Customisable design

Every individual is unique and has different needs. Hence their style and preferences would also differ. A custom-made dressing room would be built based on a personalized design. The construction would consider your needs and budget, which would help tailor your dressing room. 

At Carpenter Dubai, we provide you with several style options and lighting alternatives that would flawlessly align with your specifications. 

  • Organisation

With hundreds of clothing, footwear, and accessories, it sometimes becomes overwhelming to organize. This substantially leads to cluttering and ignorance. With our experienced professional designers, we will frame for you an organized space for each of your essentials. An organized dressing room would help you save ample time every day.

  • Worth every penny

Since the custom dressing rooms are made on-demand, they offer more durability and a long-lasting storage solution. Freshly curated furniture or pre-made pieces can be purchased to finish the room. Nowadays, several kinds of woods are available in the market, and you can decide which one you want. Moreover, slight changes can be made as the construction progresses. 

  • Style 

Everyone has a different style and aesthetic. It could be modern, traditional, or contemporary. The look of your custom-made dressing room would be influenced by what you like. Some like to have neutral tones, and some prefer bold, bright colors. 

Build your custom-made dressing room with us. Carpenter Dubai offers superior services at affordable prices in the UAE. Call us to get more details.

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