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Table Marble

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Table marble is renowned for elevating your home’s interior design and bringing a sense of luxury to your dream abode. A marketable table marble best complements the aesthetic styles, including modern, traditional, and contemporary. For this reason, marble is now widely utlised on furniture pieces besides floors and walls of home interiors.

Our highly qualified artisans skillfully complement the breathtaking Italian marble tabletop at Carpenter Dubai. Marble is available in various forms, from White Indian Marble to Obsidian stone, and both these come with incredible detail and a polished look. 

Table marble tops are made from premium, hand-selected marble. Our goal is to make high-quality and aesthetically appealing marble tables for you. With that said, let’s discuss where table marbles are mostly used in our homes or workspaces.

Table Marble

Where Do We Use Table Marble?

It’s important to think about how you’ll use the marble for your table in your house. For instance, a marble coffee table looks fantastic in a formal living room, where it would primarily serve as a showpiece. 

You can also utilize it to keep your drinks if you use coasters carefully. Besides, with occasional spillage, you can clean the table marble without worrying about stains. Now that we know why we use table marble let’s discuss its benefits in the next section.

Table Marble

Benefits of Table Marble from Carpenter Dubai!

Marble has many benefits, which is why it has remained a popular building material. Here are some benefits discussed below:

  • Marble is a classy natural stone with lovely grain and patterns that give any room a graceful depth.
  • Marble is used to maintaining tabletops and other furniture in India and Italy. Indian marble is a relatively harder stone with medium lustre, while Italian marble is a soft stone with high lustre and a crystal-like appearance.
  • Marble comes in many colours, including white, beige, brown, and green marble. You may choose any of them at your convenience.
  • Additionally, marble can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

How to Maintain Table Marble?

Maintaining a marble table is important to keep it new, original, and long-lasting. Below are some tips you can follow to maintain a table marble.

  • Rather than plates or cups, use coasters or table mats directly on the marble tabletop.
  • Spills containing acid must be cleaned immediately.
  • The tabletop is cleaned with marble cleaners. Avoid using acidic household cleaners as they could etch and tarnish the marble’s surface.
  • The marble must be resealed and polished annually to keep its lustre. Use impregnating sealers to create a barrier that shields surfaces from stains.

Besides the tips to maintain table marble, you must also consider some things before choosing a table marble for your interiors. Let’s talk about it in detail below.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a Table Marble

  • Sand spots 

Some marble countertops have sand spots or spots of material that are just a little softer and appear more matte. These sand spots require frequent resealing but add character by emphasising distinctive features. 

  • Transport Table Marble

Marble is the tabletop material most likely to sustain damage during transportation owing to its weight and fragility. Marble tops are carefully protected by high-quality transportation, which frequently sandwiches them between sheets of plywood. 

  • Minimise Staining 

In our experience, maintaining marble table tops in pristine condition is nearly impossible, especially when trying to avoid staining or etching. Consider a darker colour marble, such as grigio carnival, since coffee stains are more difficult to see if your tops are susceptible to coffee staining, which frequently appears as dark rings.

Why Choose Carpenter Dubai?

Is owning a marble table worth the work required to maintain it for its beauty? The focal point of a room can be an elegant marble table. It’s likely to become your favourite piece of furniture. It will always function, so you won’t need to replace it!

Based on your way of life, select the appropriate tabletop material. You might want to ask experienced interior designers for their advice because there are many colours, textures, and quality factors to consider.

You’ve discovered the ideal material for a tabletop, but how do you choose and purchase it in Carpenter Dubai? You can visit our website or contact us for the best deals and services on table marbles.

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