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A TV stand is a typical stand-alone piece of furniture to support television and has shelves to store DVD players and cable boxes. TV stands are usually functional and not intended to be the centre of attention. Additionally, they are lightweight and compact enough to fit in any space.

Carpenter Dubai is a one-stop solution for customers looking for good quality, lightweight, and compact TV stands. We also provide suggestions regarding your TV placement in your home interiors. Let’s discuss this in detail below.

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Why Should You Consider TV Size and Placement?

Placement is usually the major concern for many customers. That’s why it’s suggested to know the service provider when looking for TV stands. When choosing a good TV stand, you must consider the windows, doors, radiators, air registers, and electrical outlets to install the TV stand. 

Then, highlight the locations of these obstacles on a rough map of the region. If a cable outlet is required, consider where it will be and ensure the cable is installed as per requirements. Keep the TV away from the windows to prevent glare and promote a better viewing experience. Lastly, measure the distance from the wall to your seats to avoid straining your eyes.

Your comfort level while watching will directly rely on the ideal viewing distances, which are determined by the size of your TV. Being too close to the screen is monotonous in the long run. For the best viewing distances, adhere to the following rules:

  • If your TV is 29 inches or less, keep the distance between 3 to 4 feet. 
  • If your TV is 39 inches, keep the distance between 4 – 5 feet.
  • If your TV is 46 inches, keep the distance between 5 – 6 feet.
  • If your TV is 50 inches, keep the distance between 7 to 8 feet.
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Tips to Consider for TV Stands From Carpenter Dubai

  • Be Adaptable

While most people prefer to keep their TV console in a single location, others like more flexibility. It is a fantastic option for certain compact areas. You should opt for a TV stand with movable shelves for best usage and the flexibility to customise your furniture per your needs.

  • Think About Your Wires

Tangled cables and wires may ruin the looks of your entertainment centre since TV cabinets, and open shelving units are made to handle many pieces of equipment. Choose a device with a wire or cable management system if this is a problem.

  • Consider The Screen Size

Television screen size influences your decision about the required TV stand. Purchase the stand individually, not with your TV or DVD player (or research both purchases ahead of time). Ensure the TV stand you choose accommodates your television, as it will likely tip over if you get a smaller one. Consider obtaining a stand bigger than your television to provide aesthetic elements and space for your media.

  • Size of Your Room

Your area’s size is another factor. A corner or floating TV stand is an alternative if you live in a tiny area. Both these designs can perform better than a conventional unit on a complex floor layout and free up a significant amount of floor space.

  •  TV Mount

Many TV stands are no longer utilised to support a TV. Now, you may use a fixed or swivel TV mount to mount an LCD or plasma TV on a wall. The TV stand serves as a media centre and a display space in this configuration.

  • The Number of Components

Most users prefer a practical and entertaining experience. The TV stand holds a music system and CD collection and shows ornaments. That’s why you must consider your requirements and always be prepared with adequate components.

Why Choose Carpenter Dubai?

You can get a TV stand with Carpenter Dubai’s range of TV stands for customers. We hope to surpass your expectations with our excellent services. We have always ensured customer satisfaction to stand out with our skilled finishes and incredible attention to detail.

We guarantee that every renovation project is affordable and caters to all types of customers. Visit our official website or contact Carpenter Dubai if you seek a TV stand with an appropriate placement suggestion at your home or workspace.

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