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Customized Wardrobes

Top reasons why you should choose wardrobe wrapping to adorn your closets


Wardrobes, closets, and other types of cupboards are an integral part of a room in all living spaces. Often, wardrobes do not match your expectations aesthetically and look bland or not according to your wants. That is when wardrobe wrapping is your best friend. 

Say goodbye to the days when your wardrobe’s coating starts peeling off or causes a severe mismatch in the looks of your whole room. Get started with a wardrobe wrapping process for your closet with Carpenter Dubai, and personalize your wardrobe according to what you require. 

Keep reading to learn about wardrobe wrapping, the advantages of adorning your closets with a wardrobe wrap, and some tips to consider when applying one. Below are the reasons why you should consider wardrobe wrapping from Carpenter Dubai.

Customized Wardrobes

Why should I get my wardrobe wrapped by Carpenter Dubai?

  • Affordable pricing

One of the biggest advantages of going for wardrobe wrapping is that it is very cost-effective and is much cheaper than replacing the whole furniture. The plethora of options Carpenter Dubai offers ensures that the wardrobe wraps can cover up any visible damages or chipping at a very cheap cost and simultaneously add a stylish change. 

Wardrobe wraps are the ideal option because they do not cost much to apply and purchase, and the other alternatives, such as maintenance or even replacing the whole wardrobe, are very costly.

  • Protects the wardrobe

Another advantage of wardrobe wrapping from Carpenter Dubai is that our wraps are made of vinyl material. Vinyl is a very durable material, and it ensures that any scratches or marks are absorbed by the wrap and does not damage the existing wardrobe beneath. 

Additionally, vinyl material is waterproof, meaning the wardrobe wrapping can protect the closet from water damage like stains while ensuring the door wrap is durable and does not get wet.

  • New styles and aesthetic

Often, wardrobes and closets are pre-built into homes and installed previously. Often, these closets are in standard colours and patterns, making them bland, and do not mesh well with the style of the whole room. At Carpenter Dubai, we have a wide selection of options for wardrobe wrapping, helping you spice up your room’s aesthetic according to your preferences.

Replacing a wardrobe can be a hectic and costly affair, and wardrobe wraps help you achieve the same purpose of a different look, at a small fraction of the sum, with a larger range of options in terms of colour and material look.

Customized Wardrobes

What should you consider when opting for wardrobe wrapping?

  • Size of the wardrobe

Since most of our wardrobe wrapping comes in preset sizes and builds, you need to consider whether the wardrobe wrap will fit your closet. It may affect the options you have in terms of patterns and may even require customization for a more appropriate fit. 

  • Pattern and aesthetic

Each room’s aesthetic and look is unique, culminating in various styles that go well together. When purchasing wardrobe wrapping, you need to consider the general look of the space and whether the pattern will connect with the rest of the room. Carpenter Dubai has various options based on different colours and visual patterns. You can browse to choose a wardrobe wrap that best goes with the rest of the aesthetic. 

  • Type of material

Wardrobe wraps come in various materials, such as vinyl, paper, or even aluminium wraps. Before deciding, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each type of material, such as cost and durability, to choose the best option for your needs.

Why choose Carpenter Dubai?

At Carpenter Dubai, we pride ourselves on our premium quality of products and the expertise of our designers in processes such as wardrobe wrapping. Our products have been employed across the UAE, and we have gained a reputation for trusted service and quality furniture. Reach out to us and get exciting deals on products such as curtains, sofas, beds, wardrobe wrapping, and carpets!

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